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Average Singaporean needs 8 days to afford iPhone 12 Pro: survey

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They would also have to avoid eating for 8 days.

It would take the average Singaporean at least 8.1 days without eating to afford the new iPhone 12 Pro, a survey by Picodi called iPhone Index 2020. analytics compared iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) prices with the average wages in selected countries in order to count the number of workdays required to buy the new Apple’s flagship.

The official price of iPhone 12 Pro in the 128GB version in Singapore will be $1,649. The price, however, does not include a charger and earphones in the flagship box.

The survey is based on statistics by the Ministry of Manpower that puts the average Singaporeans wage at $5,549 gross ($4,255 net).

The iPhone Index 2020 has been calculated on the basis of iPhone 12 Pro prices announced publicly on local Apple or authorised seller websites. The average salaries come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages and are valid for the date of publishing iPhone prices in the respective countries. Net wages were obtained using local salary calculators.

A comparison between last year says that Singapore’s result improved by 0.3 days.

The survey puts India as the worst score in purchasing the new iPhone with consumers needing 54.4 days worth of wages to buy them.

Source: MSN

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