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Bat ate banana at NTUC, goes viral

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Singapore — A video of a bat eating a banana while clinging on to a whole bunch has gone viral online. It happened at an NTUC FairPrice supermarket in Jurong East.

The footage was uploaded on the Facebook page All Singapore Stuff on Friday (Oct 16) with the caption: “Bat eating banana at NTUC. Guess it means these bananas ripe and sweet already. Can buy liao.”

The bat does not appear to be bothered by the person doing the filming, even nibbling on the paper price sticker. The video has more than 58,700 views to date.

In response to the incident, FairPrice announced on its Facebook page the same day that it happened in the night outside its 24-hour store at 345 Jurong East St 31. It said: “This incident occurred outside the store where the fruits were displayed.”

It has since moved all the fruit into the store and checked to ensure that any fruits affected have been discarded.

Many from the online community sympathised with the creature, noting it was a part of nature and needed to survive too. “I hope the bat was not harmed,” said Facebook user Oli To. “Our wild animals have been robbed of their bit of habitat and food source.”

Others noted how bats choosing their fruit was a sign of fresh produce. “Dear NTUC, you should be glad the bat is eating your fruits,” said Tan Samuel. “Bats only choose fruits that are pesticide-free and only ripe and sweet.” Many agreed and urged for the “cute” bat to be left alone to enjoy its meal.



Source: MSN

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