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Best supplements: Curcumin could help to prevent cancers by blocking cancer cells

When it comes to of any kind, it’s important to realise that no supplement can fully treat, cure, or prevent cancer. However, there are some that can potentially help prevent cancer or assist in the cancer recovery.

In a study published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the role of curcumin in helping to prevent cancers was investigated.

“People have safely ingested turmeric, a key ingredient in Indian curries, for centuries,” said the study. 

It continued: “Researchers began looking into the spice’s anticancer properties after epidemiological studies reported a 10 to 50 percent lower incidence of certain cancers in India.

“An array of lab and animal studies have shown that curcumin kills cancer cells and slows tumour growth.

“In the lab, curcumin blocks cells from multiplying and kills a range of cancer cells, including colon, breast, prostate, and melanoma cells.

“It slows tumour and blood vessel growth in mice injected with human pancreatic cancer cells.

“In another study, mice with a gene mutation that makes them prone to developing intestinal tumours ate curcumin for 10 days.

“Tumour growth was reduced by about 60 percent in these mice compared with mice not taking curcumin.

“These studies may lay the groundwork for more randomized trials investigating curcumin in cancer prevention and treatment, as well as preventing cell resistance to chemotherapy and radiation.”

Source: | Daily Express

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