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Jennifer Shahade Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Biography

Jennifer Shahade

This blog post will explore the life and career of Jennifer Shahade, including important information on her profession, personal life, and most important achievements.

Jennifer Shahade is an American female chess Grandmaster and a PokerStars ambassador for MindSports. In both the fields of chess and poker, Shahade has made important contributions. These include professional achievements as well as self-led projects like podcasts and merchandising. Shahade is known for advocating for women in mind sports such as chess and poker, along with helping to launch and promote educational programs that focus on women in STEM fields.

Early Life & Career, Net Worth

Jennifer Shahade was born on December 31, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has one older brother, Greg Shahade. Both Jennifer and her brother were deeply influenced by their immediate family. Their father Mike Shahade is a FIDE Master of chess. He also held a position as a professor of chemistry at Drexel University.

Borrowing from their father’s career as a FIDE Master, both Jennifer and Greg showed an early passion for chess and other mind games. By 1998, at age 19, Shahade had taken home her first major win when she became the first female to ever win the US Junior Open. From there, Shahade’s career in chess took off, which would eventually take her into the world of poker.

Chess Career

Thanks to growing up in a chess-oriented home, Shahade spent most of her early adult life focusing on chess and academics. In 2002, she won the US Women’s Chess Championship. Only two years later in 2004, Shahade would bring home her second title from the same tournament.

Throughout the early 2000s, Shahade transformed her interest in chess into other meaningful positions. For example, she also served as the editor-in-chief for the US Chess Federation’s website for multiple years. During this period, she established a non-profit called 9 Queens, which is aimed at promoting the game as a mind sport.

Eventually, Shahade’s efforts saw her inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame. Shortly after, she also assumed a position with the US Chess Federation where she served as the Women’s Program Director. This position saw her take direct responsibility for chess programming aimed at women throughout the US. However, in 2023, she resigned from this position due to an ongoing case against fellow Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez.

Jennifer Shahade Net Worth

Poker Career

Amid Shahade’s rise as a chess Grandmaster, she began to explore the world of poker. By 2014, her performance in tournaments had caught the eye of PokerStars, the world’s largest and most-used virtual poker platform. Shortly after becoming PokerStar’s official MindSports Ambassador, Shahade took home over $100,000 after winning a high-roller poker event.

Her love of poker has led to a few highly intriguing and successful side projects, including a stint coaching on the website Run It Once. Her most famous project is The GRID, which she co-produces with her husband. In 2019, the GRID won the Global Poker Podcast of the Year award thanks to its unique take on the game.

Rather than cover strategy or history, The Grid interviews a variety of poker pros and delves into the game’s more unique elements. For example, the podcast is billed as ‘a 169-episode poker hand scavenger hunt’ that uncovers something new about poker hands and rankings.

Net Worth

Most of Shahade’s earnings have come from her performance as a chess player. To date, reports from Forbes and Business Insider estimate her net worth to be between $1 million and $6 million.

Other Projects

Shahade earned a degree in comparative literature from NYU, which she has used to help promote her writings and books. Shahade has penned three published works, including Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport, Play Like a Girl!, and Chess Queens: The True Story of a Chess Champion and the Greatest Female Players of All Time.

Other articles by Shahade have been published in the LA Times, New York Times, and Chess Life.

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