Have you recently purchased a new home, went through a divorce, lost a key, or removed a roommate from your home? If you’ve experienced any of these situations, you may be concerned about your home’s security. In order to remove the potential for unwanted individuals entering your home, you have two options, rekeying your locks or replacing them. While both of these options are effective solutions, it is important to understand when one option would be more appropriate than the other. Read on to learn more about rekeying or replacing locks, so you can choose the most beneficial option for your home’s locks!

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying your locks is a quick and cost-effective solution to enhancing the security of your home. This process involves changing the internal tumblers inside the lock so that your old keys will no longer work. You will then receive brand new keys that can be used to unlock your doors, preventing those with old keys from entering your home.

Replacing Locks

Replacing your locks is the most secure option when it comes to changing your home’s security. This process is exactly as it sounds. All old locks are removed and then replaced with brand new ones. Anytime you replace your locks, you are completely eliminating any potential for unwanted individuals to enter your home. Although, it is important to note that replacing locks can be more expensive than rekeying them and may require professional assistance to ensure they are installed correctly from rekey locks denver.

What Situations Warrant a Rekey or Lock Change?

There are many reasons a person may be interested in rekeying or changing the locks on their home. Some of the most common, include lost keys, stolen keys, moving into a new home, a roommate has moved out, a relationship has ended and person moved out, an employee has quit or been fired at your place of employment, or any other reason that may make you feel unsafe with the existing locks intact. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the reason, rekeying or changing your locks, eliminates access to anyone you don’t want inside your space. Rather, you get to choose who will have a key to your space going forward, without the worry that an old boyfriend or a previous owner might let themselves in.

When Should I Choose Rekeying Vs. Changing My Locks?

Although both rekeying and changing locks can be effective solutions, it is important to understand when one option would be more appropriate than the other. In cases, where you are looking for a quick and cost-effective solution to enhancing the security of your home, rekeying is often the best choice. This is because rekeying can be done in a relatively short amount of time and is typically far more cost effective than changing locks.

Despite these attractive benefits, however, there will be times when it is more advantageous to fully replace your home’s locks. Generally speaking, it makes more sense to invest in brand new locks anytime your locks have sustained damage or have become worn out. While rekeying is a great way to enhance the security of locks that are in good condition, it is worthless if the lock is no longer secure due to damage or age.

Additionally, if you are looking to modernize or increase your home’s security it will make more sense to replace your locks with something higher tech such as a keyless entry system. While rekeying can make the home less accessible to those with old keys, it cannot improve the level of security offered by your existing locks making more advanced locking systems an attractive upgrade for many homeowners.

Furthermore, another reason to consider changing your home’s locks is to lighten the load on your key chain. In most homes, each door has its own key, but what if you could open every door in your home with the same one? Think of the convenience when coming home in the dark or after a long exhausting day at work. No longer will you stand at the door fumbling with multiple keys, trying to identify the correct one for the door you wish to enter. Rather when you replace your home’s locks to make them uniform in brand, they can be set up to open with the same key greatly simplifying your life. Better yet, if you already have uniform locks, rekeying them can attain the same result without the costs associated with replacing all the locks.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between rekeying and replacing locks, it will depend on your needs, preferences, the condition of the existing locks in your home and the level of security you wish to attain. Take time to consider your unique situation, as well as the benefits of rekeying verses replacement so you can choose the best of these two great options to increase the security of your home!

Should I Call a Locksmith or Attempt a DIY Job?

When it comes to deciding between rekeying or replacing your home’s locks, you will also need to determine if you should call a professional locksmith or attempt the job yourself. Both options have their pros and cons that should be taken into consideration.

If you have DIY experience, attempting to rekey your locks can be a great way to save money and time. If you have the right tools and some patience, you may be able to do the job yourself. That being said, if you are inexperienced or lack the necessary tools or time to complete the task, it will make more sense to call a professional locksmith who can quickly and effectively rekey your locks.

Conversely, when it comes to replacing locks, it is typically best to leave this job to a professional since it is crucial the lock is installed properly to prevent damage to your home and so that the locks offer the security you need. 

Moreover, when calling a professional locksmith, they are able to assess your individual situation and provide expertise on which option would be best for your home’s security. In the end you may find that it is possible to rekey the existing locks, or even repair them saving you money and time. Ultimately, a qualified locksmith can help you make the right choice and will also have access to a wide range of products to help you choose the best lock for your home’s security needs should you choose replacement.

In conclusion, rekeying or replacing your home’s locks are both great ways to enhance security depending upon your unique situation. Consider your needs and make your next call to an experienced locksmith, so you never worry about the security of your home again!

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