An eternity ring is a symbol of timeless and never-ending love and commitment for your partner. Also known as an infinity ring, they are generally made with a continuous line of elegant diamonds or other precious gemstones. People usually give an eternity ring to their partner as anniversary gifts or to mark other significant relationship milestones.

There are several reasons for which you may wish to buy these rings and it depends on the personal preferences of every individual. Whether you are a recipient or are thinking of gifting one to your sweetheart, there are some things you should know about an eternity ring. There are no set rules on how to wear this ring but people usually follow some common procedures. In this post, we’ll talk about everything related to eternity rings.  

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History & Tradition Behind Eternity Rings

Most people believe that these rings originated in Ancient Egypt around 4000 years ago. Couples used them to mark special occasions as a romantic and special token of their love. Then, the ring became popular again in the 18th century, featuring colored gemstones.

Eternity rings as we know them today became popular in the 1960s thanks to De Beers. They ran a campaign targeting married couples which was really successful and led to the popularity of these rings. They are the perfect symbol of everlasting love for your partner, with no ending or beginning, representing the eternal circle of life. 

When Do People Gift an Eternity Ring to Their Partner?

People give an eternity ring to their partners to mark a significant milestone or moment in their relationship which is worthy of an elegant custom diamond ring. Traditionally, a person gives an eternity ring on the following occasions.

To Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary Milestone

Traditionally, it is common to gift these rings to mark your wedding anniversary. On the 40th wedding anniversary a ruby eternity ring is given, on the 45th anniversary a sapphire eternity ring is given, on the 50th anniversary a gold eternity ring is given, on the 55th anniversary an emerald eternity ring is given, and on the 60th anniversary a diamond eternity ring is given. 

To Celebrate the Birth of Their Child

A truly momentous and special event in a couple’s relationship is the birth of their child. There’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than gifting a custom diamond eternity ring. It also shows that you appreciate your wife’s labor and effort that went into pregnancy and giving birth to your kid. 

To Celebrate Other Significant Moments 

Most of the time, eternity rings are gifted in a romantic context but some people also give it to their partner to mark important moments like their birthday, first job, graduation, etc. Some ladies even use these rings as a fashion statement. Diamonds or colored gemstones in square, baguette, or marquise shapes are perfect to show your individuality.

Eternity Ring Styles – Full & Half Rings

The two main eternity ring styles are full and half rings. You can choose one out of the two based on your preference and taste.

Full Eternity Ring – In this style, diamonds or other stones cover the ring’s entire band. It’s super luxurious and gives a sparkling, elegant look. Usually, full eternity rings are slimmer than half ones to remain comfortable even with so many stones on them.

Half Eternity Ring – In this style, stones or diamonds are only there on the ring’s top half. They feature stones in different sizes or numbers and are more comfortable than full rings.

Rules to Wear an Eternity Ring – On Which Finger & In What Order to Wear It

When you get custom diamond rings, the next thing is how and where to wear them. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing an eternity ring and you can do it as per your convenience. Here are some ways people typically wear and style them – 

  • Along With Your Wedding Band & Engagement Ring – The most common place is your left hand’s ring finger along with the wedding band and engagement ring. There’s no fixed order, but usually, the wedding band is first, then the engagement ring and the eternity ring finishes off the look. Some people also wear it between the wedding band and engagement ring. 
  • Solo on the Right Hand’s Ring Finger – If you feel three rings on the same finger are not comfortable or don’t like stacking rings, then you can wear the eternity ring on your right hand’s ring finger. This way, it will also get maximum attention and shine. 
  • On Your Necklace – Another way you can wear the ring is on your necklace. It’s a way to keep it as close to your heart as you can. 
  • Stacking With Other Eternity Rings – Have you been lucky enough to receive multiple eternity rings from your partner? You can stack them all on one finger to create a beautiful, bold, and dramatic look that people will surely notice.

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Gift Your Partner a Beautiful Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and love towards your partner. Custom diamond rings are the best choice but some people also prefer colored gems when it comes to gifting an eternity ring to their partner. 

You can choose the ring style and setting based on your preference and style. Also, there are some traditional ways, as we discussed above, but there are no fixed rules and you can wear your eternity ring in whichever way you feel the most comfortable.

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