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Chaos Walking Ending Explained: What Happened And How It Sets Up A Potential Sequel

What Happened At The End Of Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking’s two heroes are challenged by two villains, Mads Mikkelson’s Davis Prentiss and David Oyelowo’s Aaron, all whilst trying to send a signal to Viola’s base in space. Let’s start off off with Oyelowo’s villainous preacher character, who is driven by a god complex and the belief that women are a sin. His violent noise has driven him to insanity. After pursuing Todd and Viola throughout the movie, his evilness is made apparent when he kills off Todd’s sweet doggo, Manchee, during a river chase sequence. Aaron taunts Todd and Viola, but it’s Viola who ends up getting blood on her hands in defense of Aaron’s attack on the abandoned ship in the third act.

Source: CinemaBlend

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