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Dementia warning: The eight early warning signs to spot according to an expert

Poor judgement

“Situations, where quick decisions are second nature, can become a struggle for those who are suffering from dementia,” said Luca.

“Any unusual, rash actions that are out of character and a potential cause for concern are typical for those with dementia.

“An example of this would be deciding to take essential belongings to a charity shop or wearing clothing that is inappropriate for the weather.

“Poor judgement also encompasses spatial awareness, and therefore clumsiness.”

Losing a sense of direction

“If a loved one suddenly struggles to remember familiar routes, this could be a cause for concern,” warned Luca.

“Forgetting simple directions or routes to familiar places is a common symptom of dementia and should be monitored, as it can often lead to sufferers getting lost or ending up in dangerous places.”

Source: | Daily Express

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