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Eczema treatment: Overcome the itch with these three natural methods

Feeling itchy with eczema isn’t as simple as scratching that sweet spot. If you falter, this could damage the skin barrier further, and could lead to an infection. Here are natural remedies to try instead.

An effective way to relieve itchiness is to chill the problem area, attested the health site WebMD.

Cooling the skin with a wet washcloth could help to numb the area, but this approach may take up to 10 minutes to work.

For a more intense chill, apply an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables onto the affected patch of skin.

Without using effective methods to ease the itch, irritating the skin barrier can lead to an infection.

The NHS noted how cracked and broken skin poses a risk of a bacterial infection, with the risk increasing if you scratch your eczema.

Signs of a bacterial infection on eczema-prone skin includes the following:

  • Fluid oozing from the skin
  • A yellow crust on the skin surface
  • Small yellowish-white spots appearing in the eczema
  • The skin becoming swollen and sore
  • Feeling hot and shivery and generally feeling unwell

When there is a bacterial infection, eczema may not respond well to regular treatments, such as moisturising.

This can develop into a serious condition called eczema herpeticum, which can cause fluid-filled blisters.

These blisters break open and leave small, shallow open sores on the skin.

A person with this type of infection may also feel hot and shivery, and generally feel unwell.

Do speak to your GP as soon as possible if you have this issue, or call NHS 111, as it requires antiviral medication.

Source: | Daily Express

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