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England to enter second national lockdown from Thursday until December 2


oris Johnson is to tell the nation to stay at home as the country enters a second national lockdown on Thursday.

The Prime Minister will announce the new restrictions – which are set to last until December 2 – at a press conference at 6.30pm on Saturday.

Pubs, bars and restaurants will close, though takeaways will be allowed, and all non-essential retail will be shut.

The measures will be similar to those introduced during the first wave of the pandemic in March, however, this time schools and universities are expected to remain open.

People will still be able to exercise outdoors, and travel to work if they cannot work from home, though restrictions on international travel are likely to be introduced.

MPs will vote on the new measures before they are introduced at 00.01 on Thursday, and when they lapse, the current tier system will be reintroduced.

Mr Johnson will be flanked by Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance for his Downing Street address, following a meeting of his Cabinet earlier in the afternoon.

The introduction of national restrictions marks a dramatic shift in Government policy, as the Prime Minister has until now resisted pressure to reintroduce nationwide restrictions.

More than one million lab-confirmed coronavirus cases recorded in UK

It comes after new data showed the extent of cases across England. The Office for National Statistics estimated that 568,100 people in households were infected with coronavirus in the week ending October 23.

Professor Sir Jeremy Farrar said the consequences of sticking with the current “insufficient” restrictions would be “much worse” than going for a second lockdown.

The director of the Wellcome Trust said: “The sooner we act, the sooner we can start to recover. It will be a very difficult few weeks now and no one can underestimate the toll that will take on people.

“But the consequences of sticking with the current insufficient restrictions would have been much worse.”

Ahead of the announcement, Tory MP Steve Baker – a sceptic of lockdown restrictions – warned the public to listen “extremely carefully” to what the PM has to say.

Speaking outside No 10, Mr Baker told Sky News: “Today what I’ve had is the opportunity to take a team into Downing Street, there were three scientists, myself, a data analyst.

“We’ve had an amazing opportunity to robustly scrutinise the arguments, the data, the forecasts of where we’re going, and what I would say to people is the Prime Minister has a got very, very difficult choices to make.

“And I would encourage all members of the public, and all members of Parliament, to listen extremely carefully to what the Prime Minister says today and over the coming days.”

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Source: Evening Standard Business News

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