90 Day Fiancé star Shekinah Garner is going under the knife, and revealed that boyfriend Sarper Güven is designing her new nose. Despite being excited about her transformation, her friends made it clear that they were skeptical about the plan.

In a clip shared for the Monday, July 1, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way shared by Entertainment Tonight, Shekinah, 41, told two friends about her plans for her nose job. “I’m getting my nose done. Finally. It’s been bothering me forever,” she explained. “And Sarper has actually designed a new nose for me.”

Her friends immediately seemed upset by the news, while one of them asked how the decision came about.

“You know, like, he says, ‘Leave it to me. Leave it to me. I’ll tell the doctor what to do. I’ll tell him I know what you need,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, I trust you because I do,’” the TLC personality recalled.

After noting that her friends looked stressed out, the women voiced their concerns about Sarper, 44.

“I haven’t met this guy who’s a stripper who slept with 2,500 people. I’m supposed to sit here and act like it’s no big deal?” she said. “He’s going to control the center of your face right now and you’re ready to marry this guy? I can’t pretend like that’s not a big deal.”

Meanwhile, the other friend also admitted he had similar concerns. “I think because she’s so in tune to that thought that he’s the one that she goes with the flow because it makes it easier,” he said in a confessional. “She thinks if I get married, it’s going to resolve issues. Issues are still going to be there. A piece of paper is not going to change it. Now she’s talking about letting a man design her nose. It’s insane.”

Shekinah’s friends’ reactions likely won’t shock fans, as her family and friends have expressed their concerns over Sarper’s controlling tendencies. Not only has she uprooted her life to move to Turkey to be with him, but Sarper has also made his opinions clear when it comes to her weight and how she dresses.

Despite the concerns of her loved ones, Shekinah has stood by her man and they are still going strong today.

In addition to opening up about her relationship with Sarper on the show, Shekinah has also been candid when it comes to her plastic surgery decisions. She revealed she’s previously had two facelifts, two neck lifts, a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lip injections, Botox and three nose jobs.

“I was age 39 in these photos and videos… and feeling like I had tried everything besides surgery,” the reality star captioned a compilation video on Instagram in December 2022, in which she shared she had several lifts done when she was 39. “I had gone through a number of tragic losses in life that I felt prematurely aged me; and I was not happy with the loss of volume in my face and skin laxity in my neck. I had tried every facial product and treatment available to me, and obviously nothing provided surgery-like results… so it was time for actual surgery.”

90 Day Fiance’s Shekinah Reveals Sarper Is Designing Her New Nose Despite Friends’ Concerns
Courtesy of Shekinah Garner/Instagram

Shekinah added that she was “so much more confident” after she went under the knife, adding that she was “forever grateful” to her doctors for helping her achieve the appearance she wanted.

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