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Apple user suggests ingenious solution to universal iOS 17 Contact Poster issue

Apple is allowing iOS 17 users to customize their own Contact Poster, but several people have taken to Twitter to note that the iPhone feature is not working.

As with most Apple iOS updates, no.17 has not been without its issues. Though users were hailing the creative freedom granted by the new Contact Poster feature, some frustrated posts on Twitter suggest that the new concept is not working quite as it should for many users.

Apple users say iOS 17 Contact Poster feature is not working

There’s nothing more exciting than using a mega iOS update for the first time and trying out all the new features. But, on the other hand, it can be rather frustrating when they don’t initially work.

And it seems that a not insignificant number of people with iOS 17 Apple products are all having the same issue when it comes to Contact Posters – a new feature that allows you to set up a unique poster that will appear on people’s screens when you phone them.

Describing what’s been going wrong on September 18, one social media user wrote: “Anyone else’s iPhone contact poster not working? I’ve tried everything everything is set as it should be.. only (successfully) been shared once..”

“Looks like contact poster is not working for anyone #iOS17,” added another, summing up the collective feeling of frustration being felt by posters on the app. It appears that people are finding that they are able to set up the Contact Poster, but when they attempt to phone another user with iOS 17 installed, it does not show up.

A possible solution

While Apple has offered no official solution to the issues people are encountering with Contact Posters, one Twitter user has stumbled across what may be a clever discovery.

Responding to another user who was having trouble trying to operate the feature, Monty wrote: “Just figured it out… delete the persons contact out of your (phone emoji) and have them delete yours.”

“Share with one another as if you are new contacts”, he proceeded to add. “Then it should work.”

While this hack appeared to work for the above poster, it should be noted that this could well lead to a loss of data between you and the contact that you delete – so please approach with caution if you want to avoid losing your text and call history with someone.

Though solutions appear scarce at the moment, Apple tends to flatten teething problems like this one out in their subsequent iOS updates, so don’t stress too much about it as it will likely sort itself out soon.

How to create your Contact Poster on iOS 17

If you are one of the lucky ones who isn’t having issues with your Contact Poster feature, you’re probably going to start thinking about how to set it up now.

So, once you have iOS 17 downloaded and installed, just head to your Contacts app, and select your card at the very top.

Once you’re on that section, you can proceed to fully customize how you look to the rest of the world, whether that be through your own personal Memoji or your favorite picture of yourself.

You can also control the background colors and fonts to help make it look truly unique, in a small change that will help give whoever you’re calling a true flavor of who you are.

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