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Creepy ‘alien’ found in Kerala was actually something annoyingly terrestrial 

The story of an ‘alien’ that was found in the Indian state of Kerala has resurfaced this week, but it turned out to be something far less exciting.

It comes as the state has been struck by an outbreak of the rare Nipah virus which has sadly killed two people.

A group of aliens emerging from the light at the end of a dark sinister tunnel. With a high contrast edit.
A group of aliens emerging from the light at the end of a dark sinister tunnel. With a high contrast edit. (Getty)

‘Alien’ found in Kerala

The ‘alien’ went viral online back in 2016, when a video claimed it had been spotted on the border of Kerala and Karnataka.

In the clip, a strange hairless creature can be seen squirming around in a cage, clearly in distress after being captured.

It has long claws and is snapping the cage with its teeth in the video which was originally shared on YouTube.

Copies of the video are still online, one of which is titled: “Animal looking like alien caught in Kerala Karnataka Border Dec 2016.”

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Something far more terrestrial

However, the video is actually of an unwell sun bear which was spotted in the Malaysian town of Bintangor in January 2015.

The bear was captured on an oil plantation and taken to the Matang Wildlife Centre in Kuching for rehabilitation.

It sadly then died four months later, in May 2015 after suffering from cancer for some time, the Borneo Post revealed.

Following that, the two videos were then used for many fake claims, including the ‘alien’ found in Kerala and a mythical “chupacabra” in the Philippines.

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Sun bear goes viral at China zoo

It comes just weeks after a sun bear at Hangzhou Zoo went viral as many conspired it was a person in a costume.

The animal was seen standing on its hind legs like a human, and its folds of fur looked like a poorly made costume.

However, it was actually just a sun bear, which are native to Southeast Asia and do have a rather goofy appearance.

The Chinese zoo even had to clarify that it wasn’t a person in a suit, sharing a funny statement from the perspective of the bear.

“I’m Angela the sun bear – I got a call after work yesterday from the head of the zoo asking if I was being lazy and skipped work today and found a human to take my place,” it said.

“Let me reiterate again to everyone that I am a sun bear – not a black bear, not a dog – a sun bear!”

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