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Guy abruptly cuts out fiancé ‘without a word’ after she cheats in wild Reddit post

A Reddit post called ‘AITA for abruptly cutting my ex-fiancé out my life’ has gone viral and left everyone in disbelief.

It was posted in the AITA thread this week, which sees Reddit users asking ‘Am I the a**hole?’ in certain situations.

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‘AITA for abruptly cutting my ex-fiance out’

The post begins with a 25-year-old man explaining that he met his ex-fiancé in his first year of college. They were both 18 and fell in love pretty quickly.

“We had a really good relationship. It’s the kind of relationship that everyone wishes they were in. The kind of relationship that people idolized,” he wrote.

For the purpose of the post, he called her Ashley, and said she was everything he was looking for in a woman.

They built a life together and lived happily, but things all went wrong when he asked her to marry him. She said yes but things started to change.

Over the next few months, she became more distanced and kept going out clubbing and drinking with her friends at the weekends.

He got a text last week from one of her friends saying she feels “super guilty” about the distance and is worried about getting married.

“She feels that she hasn’t had a chance to explore other options and the prospect of getting ‘locked down’ for life made her really anxious,” he explained.

Guy leaves after fiance cheats

The friend then revealed that while out, Ashley often flirted with guys, danced with them and made out with them to “get it out of her system”.

She didn’t consider it cheating, even when things got sexual with a guy in the club toilet. The writer said his heart then sank and he “died that day”.

“I thanked the friend for telling me and told her to keep it between us. For me, any form of cheating is a big no no. I knew it was over,” he wrote.

He took two days off work to move his stuff out into his brother’s house. On the second day, he left while Ashley was at work.

“Since then, I have avoided every single form of communication sent by my ex. I have completely cut her off. I refuse to talk to her or her family,” he said.

“I don’t even want to confront her about what happened. She came home that day and saw everything was gone.”

Her family and friends are now blowing up his phone and saying he’s in the wrong for leaving “without a word”. They’ve also been blasting him on social media.

“I don’t really care. She knows what she did. To me she is dead. She doesn’t exist.”

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Reddit thinks he’s not in the wrong

People on Reddit think the original poster is NTA (not the a**hole) and are saying he should block her and tell everyone that she cheated.

One person wrote: “NTA. She knows what she did. You might wanna tell everyone so they get off your back.”

“NTA for cutting her out but honestly you need to tell everyone she cheated, no point taking the blame for what she caused. Tell them, block them, move on,” said another.

A third person added: “NTA but in your place, I would explain it to her with one single parting message.”

“Fiancee giving blow***s in bathrooms to random dudes? Nahh – dump and block is the only thing to do,” someone else wrote.

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