TikTok users are outraged by the tale of a hockey player who couldn’t face the music when it came to breaking up with his girlfriend.

The story time has blown up on TikTok, with thousands of incredulous users expressing their dismay at how the unnamed hockey star handled his personal life. No less than 27 million people have watched the viral clip, with many attempting to piece together who the alleged ice hockey star may be.

TikTok star shares crazy story time about a hockey player

The Put A Finger Down Challenge is a style of TikTok video that started as a way of exposing funny things about yourself, and has transformed into a convenient way for people to share their most outrageous, eyebrow-raising tales. For example, author and internet star Emma Noyes encouraged her followers to “put a finger down” if the following had ever happened to them, before launching into one of the wildest dating stories we’ve ever heard, knowing full well that no one else would be able to relate.

According to Noyes, a friend of hers had been seeing a professional ice hockey star for eight years who was the “love of her life”. The couple were based in the US but, thanks to an offer of “an insane amount of money”, the hockey player upped sticks to Russia to ply his trade over there for a few years.

After granting him her blessing to move, the couple tried going long distance, and all was well initially – with “rings and weddings” being discussed during their daily phone calls. Things took a turn for the worst, however, when February – the month the hockey player was due to return home – rolled around, and he was nowhere to be seen.

After reaching out to his friends and family, the girlfriend was told that the hockey player had gone on vacation, but she had had next to no response to any of the various texts she sent him – bar one rather ambiguous message which supposedly read: “I’m sorry I’m not home yet. I will be home soon. This is not a good response or a drunk response. I will text you a good response tomorrow.”

The hockey player reveals a new girl, but that’s not all…

Shockingly, that bizarrely blunt text was the last line of communication the deserted girlfriend ever had from her now-ex-man, who even ignored her when she mailed him a box of his contents along with a letter asking for closure.

Perplexed by his sudden anonymity, the girlfriend is forced to see pictures of him from when he returned to their home state during the off-season – the only evidence she now has of his existence. Beyond that, she is left in the dark until he uploads a particularly telling photo on Instagram

Ice hockey players facing off

Around a month into his second hockey season in Russia, the absent player uploads a photo of a girl. Although the picture is untagged, the ex-girlfriend’s friends used their “FBI Agent” adjacent skills to piece together who the mysterious woman may be.

Needless to say, the gang of sleuths used their social media scouring skills sufficiently, and successfully identified not just who she is and what she does, but the fact that there appears to have been a significant amount of crossover between the time the hockey player and Noyes’ friend were together, and when she and the star shacked up.

As if things couldn’t get any more shocking, on November 3 the hockey player uploaded yet another picture of his new girlfriend and, this time, she had a ring on her finger…

TikTokers fume about the hockey horror story

It will likely come as no surprise to you to learn that the hockey player is now officially public enemy number one in the comments under the video on TikTok.

“He MUST do time!” suggested one angry social media user in response to the astonishing story time tale. “His family and friends (and) no one said anything?” Asked another user. “The way I would’ve imploded his life.”

Discussing the decision to break things off without so much as a farewell text, someone else wrote: “Honestly that’s not even ghosting. You don’t (ghost) someone you’ve been with for almost a decade. You ABANDON them.”

Another user described how she attempted to do her own investigating, writing: “Not me asking my hockey obsessed fiance all of the hockey players who play in Russia who recently got engaged.”

While some TikTok users have theorized who the mystery hockey player may be, there is no evidence to suggest that any of them were involved in the situation described in the TikTok video.

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