Kim Kardashian and her family are once again holding their noses over Kanye West and his sleazy scandals, whilst plotting an intervention to free Bianca Censori from his evil clutches. 

“Kim has been biding her time and waiting for the right moment to reach out to Bianca, which is pretty difficult because Kanye’s controlling her 24/7 and he will obviously flip out when she does actually make a move,” a source exclusively tells In Touch. “But Kim and Kris [Jenner] are both in agreement that it’s just a matter of time before Bianca decides to get away and they want to be there for her and provide a soft landing when she does.”

The insider goes on to note that when that time comes, Kim, 43, and Kris, 68, would “love to work her into [their reality show].”

“It would be the ultimate coup against Kanye and they’d both get a big thrill out of that, but more importantly it would send ratings through the roof. They both insist it’s not just about the ratings, that they feel sorry for Bianca and would worry she’s trapped in Kanye’s creepy, controlling, dark world,” the source continues. “But everyone knows these two are the ultimate schemers, they play life like it’s a game of chess. They’re at war with Kanye so every move they make is about winning. This would provoke him and send him over the edge and as much as they cry the blues when that happens they always benefit from it because they get a whole lot of attention from it and so does their show.” 

Kanye, 47, has been the center on multiple controversies throughout his career, including his latest sex scandal as his former assistant Lauren Pisciotta sued the rapper for sexual harassment. 

Pisciotta, 35, claimed, in court documents filed on June 3, she was fired by Ye’s company in 2022 without receiving an agreed-upon severance. She also alleged that she received lewd text messages from the “Jesus Walks” rapper and that he performed sex acts in front of her, amongst other vulgar incidents. 

“In response to these baseless allegations, Ye will be filing a lawsuit against Ms. Pisciotta, who actively pursued him sexually to coerce employment and other material benefits, then engaged in blackmail and extortion when her advances were rejected,” a rep for the rapper told TMZ. 

One month after his divorce from the Kardashians star was finalized in November 2022, Ye married Australian architect Bianca Censori, an employee of Yeezy. Despite onlookers believing that Ye is controlling Bianca, 29, including the way she dresses, a source previously dished to In Touch that was not the case. 

“Bianca is extremely intelligent, well-educated and beyond ambitious,” revealed an insider. “This idea that she’s some sort of victim is way off the mark. She’s absolutely loving the attention she creates by baring her body in public. She’s got no problem flaunting her incredible body if that’s what keeps Kanye happy. 

“Putting up with his madness is a means to an end for her. Bianca is getting everything she wants in the way of fashion deals and connections,” the source added.

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