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LPOTL host is receiving treatment for his ‘physical’ and ‘mental health’

The Last Podcast on the Left (LPOTL) host Ben Kissel is going on treatment for his physical and mental health. The news broke after Ben’s cohosts announced the same on this week’s Side Stories segment.

Fans have come to love Ben Kissel for his one-of-a-kind sense of humor on the Last Podcast on the Left. The podcaster hosts the famous show with fellow hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski. However, their podcast’s recent Side Stories segment got fans talking after Marcus and Henry revealed that Ben had started treatment and taken a break from hosting.

Ben Kissel is going on a treatment

The podcast co-hosts revealed that Ben had taken a “sabbatical” from his hosting duties, hence his voice could not be heard during their recent Side Stories segment. They further shared that “Ben is going into treatment but he will be back.”

The hosts further informed fans that he is “looking after his mental health and his physical health.” They further stressed the importance of looking after your health stating, “There’s no correct time to do something like this.” Marcus and Henry also said that they had been concerned about Ben’s health for “a minute.” They also noted how they joked about it all the time but also understood how serious mental and physical health is.

They also noted how being passionate about their work sometimes caused them to ignore their wellbeing which is what has happened in Ben’s case. “Sometimes we get wrapped up in it and we forget to take care of ourselves.” The two hosts also ensured fans that their shows would go on as usual and that they would have family and friends filling up for Ben in his absence. One of the hosts also said something that resonated with a lot of fans. “Mental health is not your fault but it is your responsibility,” they said.

Ben has yet to make a public statement about his condition.

Fans react to Ben’s treatment news

Fans swarmed on Twitter to show love and support for Ben. Many even hailed the star for making a wise decision about his wellbeing.

“We all love you so much @BenKissel be well and come back to us healthier and happier, whenever you’re ready. Take time, gain peace,” one fan said.

“Sending @BenKissel, Jerry, and Puffin all my good thoughts and vibes thru this time of self-exploration and discovery. I love u and @LPontheleft so much and want the absolute best for u all,” a second fan said.

Some could not help but be worried about Ben.

“I hope Ben Kissel from the last podcast on the left is okay. His leaving for a mental health break is really abrupt and worrying. Last podcast has been one of the mainstays of my life for years now,” one fan said.

One fan said his last post on Instagram was “cryptic” and another noted that he had deleted it.”

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