The mystery woman who danced with Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, at the country singer’s Nashville bar, Casa Rosa, has spoken out, telling In Touch exclusively about their “innocent” encounter.

“Earlier in the night, we noticed him in the roped-off section at the front of the bar. We recognized him, and we all thought it was cool that he was there, and mentioned hoping for a Miranda appearance,” the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, says. “We went back to enjoying our night, drinking and dancing with each other and just having a good time.”

The woman adds that she and her group ended up “near the roped-off section” and asked Brendan, 32, “if he would take a picture with the bride-to-be.”

“He said of course, and we thanked him,” the bar patron continues. “Somehow, later, we were let into the roped-off section where he was. I’m not sure how that was initiated or happened. We were all dancing together and laughing and talking, thanking him for helping to make our bride-to-be’s night so special and fun. He was gracious and polite and kind. He did a lot of laughing at us, because we are a silly bunch and were having a good time just dancing and being goofy together.”

Though the group had a fun time, the woman insists that “there was never anything inappropriate said” between anyone and “there was no vibe whatsoever of anything other than friendly, innocent dancing and talking.”

“He was not flirty,” she says. “The bar was extremely loud, and even yelling in each other’s ear, it was hard to hear anything. He left about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, before we left. Truly, none of us ever felt that there was any flirting happening. It was just dancing, laughing, and talking. He was friendly and casual, but never inappropriate or suggestive in any way.”

Mystery Woman Who Danced With Brendan McLoughlin Speaks Out
John Shearer/Getty Images for ACM

Video footage of Brendan spending time with the group of women at the bar circulated on TikTok on Monday, June 24, and appeared to show some PDA. In one moment, the woman, whose face was turned away from the camera, put her hands on the former police officer’s face as they talked.

“I’m not sure why I put my hands on his face — I just have a tendency to do that at times without even realizing,” the woman tells In Touch. “It’s a silly, unconscious habit that I have, and I am responsible for how that may have appeared to the outside world. I never intended it suggestively, probably more ‘motherly,’ as that’s who I am, but that isn’t something that should reflect badly on him at all.”

The bargoer concludes, “We are all grateful for him being so kind, and helping to make our trip fun and memorable, and it’s sad that he and Miranda are dealing with all of this for no reason.”

Brendan married Miranda, 40, on January 16, 2019, after two months together. They met while Brendan was working security for Good Morning America when the singer’s country group, Pistol Annies, performed on the show on November 2, 2018.

Though Miranda has not publicly commented on the videos of her husband at her bar, a source exclusively told In Touch on Wednesday, June 26, that he has likely “gotten an earful” from her in private.

“There’s absolutely no way that Miranda is staying quiet about Brendan’s flirty videos that are circulating on social media,” the insider said.

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