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People think this viral trend ‘for couples’ is the cringiest thing to appear on TikTok

TikTok users have been discussing the viral Love Surge video on the platform for the past few weeks. However, while many found the video cute and some made fun of it, its creator Lilianna Wilde recently revealed that she has been getting lots of “mean comments” since the video went viral.

Every now and then a new TikTok goes viral and starts a trend. More often than not many people join the trend and put their own spin to it. The same thing has happened with TikTok’s new Love Surge trend. The trend popularized by creator Lilianna Wilde has spread on the platform like wildfire but recently the creator took to her platform crying as she revealed that she had been getting loads of “mean comments” after making the Love Surge video.

What is Love Surge on TikTok?

If you are yet to land upon the videos from the viral TikTok love surge trend, then let us break it down for you. The trend started with creator Lilianna Wilde’s video which she posted on August 15. She starts the video by saying, “wanna see the cringiest most couply thing ever” as her husband stands in the background.

She then explains what a love surge is saying “We do this when one of us has like so much love in our limbs that we can’t contain it.” Her husband Sean Kolar begins shaking in the background. She explains how Sean is having a love surge and he wraps his arms around her and shakes with what Lilianna calls the “electricity of love.”

She says that the other person catches it too and starts shaking before you “explode with a love surge.” The video has now gone viral and has since started a trend. Fans are now making their own version of the trend calling it “hate surge” and more.

Fans react to viral Love Surge video

The video made some TikTokers cringe.

One of them said, “This video made me consider breaking up with my bf just to make sure I never risk experiencing a love surge.”

“I have seen this against my will” another annoyed TikToker said.

“Thank u so much I no longer want to be in love I’d rather be single and not experience a love surge,” a third person said.

Some even jokingly commented saying they needed a “love surge protector.”

However, a few others could not understand the hate the video was getting.

“I dunno why people are hating, this is cute,” a second person wrote.

“This is kinda adorable,” a second person said.

TikToker cries over mean comments

In her latest TikTok, Lilianna was in tears over the hate her video got. She explained how she thought “a lot of duets and stitches are really funny and I laughed a lot.”

She explained in tears how some comments got “really, really mean.” Lilianna also said that she received horrific comments from people wishing her partner cheated on her, and others wished she suffered domestic violence, and even worse.

“If the goal was to make me sad, you did it, you won,” she says while wiping away tears.

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