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PGally grieves boyfriend’s shocking death with viral TikTok ‘getting ready for his funeral’

Popular TikTok star Paige Gallagher, also known as PGally, announced the death of her boyfriend Conor Vislay in August and has recently posted a “get ready with me” video while preparing for his funeral.

The viral TikTok video has sparked heartfelt comments from supportive fans who suggest that grief is experienced in different stages. HITC explores Conor Vislay’s life and unfortunate death which shocked social media.

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Tyumen, Russia – January 21, 2020: TikTok and Facebook application on screen Apple iPhone XR

Who was PGally’s boyfriend Conor Vislay?

On 27 August, TikTok comedian Paige Gallagher shared a carousel Instagram post sharing the news of her boyfriend Conor Vislay’s unfortunate death.

PGally explained in the caption that “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever posted and I’m struggling to find the words”, describing Vislay as her “best friend”, “soulmate” and “love of my life” before finalizing the message with:

“I love you, I miss you, I love you. Rest easy.”

As per Distractify reports, Conor Vislay was sadly hit by a Metrolink train in California which unfortunately caused his death.

Paige Gallagher’s viral TikTok sparks heartfelt reaction

On 13 September, PGally posted a “get ready with me” TikTok video while preparing for his funeral as she applied her makeup, styled her hair, and got into an outfit while talking to the camera throughout.

Gallagher prefaced the video by explaining that she doesn’t know why she is making this video and acknowledges that she is “losing her mind”.

At the end of the “get ready with me” video, PGally jokingly encourages fans not to judge her during her time of grief by saying:

“Don’t look at my laundry I’m literally grieving.”

The comedy creator ends the final clip wearing a black dress, ready to attend the funeral, as she says:

“Okay, love you guys, love you Conor.”

The video has now reached over 7 million views, more than 900,000 likes, and a comment section full of support.

Many viewers acknowledged that dealing with loss is a completely individual experience, and people react to it in a variety of different ways.

PGally captioned the viral video suggesting that she felt “unhinged” and “might delete later”, to which a comment by @Kelly responded:

“Don’t delete this. We never get to see this side of grief. This is real, relatable, and I’m so sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing.”

Another user named @Hair and Hay shared their experience with grief in the comment section:

“My mom died recently and I didn’t realize grief stages don’t come in an order. They bounce around. You can revisit them. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

@clauds also shared their experience of a funeral:

“I did the renegade tik tok at my dad’s funeral this is very valid.”

@Duckyyy suggested that PGally’s TikTok helped them feel less lonely:

“My husband passed 2 days ago and this honestly really helped me not feel alone…”

Along with the love and support on social media, Paige Gallagher’s posts have also led many to want to learn more about Conor and about the circumstances around his death.

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