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Pop star promises ‘justice’ for sister who was found murdered in LA apartment

Guyanese pop star Jourdin Pauline has promised ‘justice’ for her sister Maleesa Mooney after Mooney was found dead by police. The singer shared a series of heartfelt tributes to her sister on Instagram, whom she called an ‘angel’.

Pop star Jourdin Pauline has mourned the loss of her sister Maleesa Mooney on Instagram after the 31-year-old was found dead in a Los Angeles apartment. According to police, the sister of the South American singer was murdered inside an apartment she had been living in for just one month.

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Maleesa Mooney: sister of pop star found dead in LA apartment

According to Fox 11, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a welfare check by Mooney’s family after their blue text message conversations with her turned green – which signals a change in WiFi and data services.

Police reportedly entered the fifth-floor apartment on 12 September just before 4pm and found a woman, later identified as Mooney, had been murdered.

The cause of death is still unknown, but authorities reportedly said that she was killed inside her gated, high-rise apartment.

31-year-old Mooney worked as a real estate agent at Beverly Hills-based agency Nest Seekers and had only moved into her new home a month ago.

Singer posts heartfelt tribute to murdered sister, promising ‘justice’

Jourdin Pauline is a trap-pop star originally from Guayana, a small country in South America that borders Venezuela. She and her sister Maleesa grew up in South Los Angeles’ Hyde Park neighborhood after moving to the US as a child.

Pauline is known for tracks such as Nobody and Stuck in the Moment, and has amassed over a million followers on Instagram.

In the wake of Maleesa’s tragic death, she posted a series of heartfelt tributes on Instagram mourning the loss of her sister. She also promised she will get ‘justice’ for her and she (Maleesa) ‘won’t be gone in vain’.

‘Never in a million years did I think I’d have to make this post and get justice for my one & only sister my heart is crushed,’ Pauline wrote.

‘I can’t believe you won’t be here with us anymore you were so loving and so kind to everyone you made sure if you ate everyone around you was too you opened your arms to people who didn’t deserve you as a friend you’re the best thing to happen to almost everyone’s lives you touched!’

She added: ‘This feels so surreal I keep waking up crying thinking I’m in a bad dream we will get justice for you my sister I promise you won’t be gone in vain!’

Jourdin Pauline pays tribute to ‘angel’ Maleesa Mooney on her IG stories

Pauline posted several more tributes to her sister following the news of her tragic death.

‘Can’t stop kissing the screen I love you so much Maleesa I promise we will get you justice and your soul to peace no one can ever replace,’ she wrote in one post.

On her IG stories, Jourdin Pauline shared footage of a vigil for her late sister, which included the release of numerous pink balloons into the night sky.

‘Ladies be careful out here, look out for each other, love one another, appreciate your life and what you have to offer this world… you are loved!’, the text wrote.

The footage also included family members and friends coming together to honor the memory of Maleesa. ‘Rest in Heaven’ Pauline wrote.

The singer also called her sister an ‘angel’ in a separate image.

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