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Reddit story has users fuming over wrong coffee order by ‘rude’ employee

Only true coffee lovers would understand the plight of the OP who posted an ‘AITA for asking for the coffee I ordered’ post on Reddit.

Don’t we all prefer our coffee a certain way? The Reddit user’s encounter with a coffee house employee has prompted angry responses from fellow users who believe the OP deserves an explanation for what she was put through for asking a drink of her choice.

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‘AITA for asking for the coffee I ordered’ enrages users

The OP is a regular at a local coffee shop and she has befriended its staff after making daily visits during her break.

She gets along with everyone who works at the shop and usually leaves a 50 percent tip on her orders. However, when she made a stop at the shop on one of the days during her lunch break, she saw a new girl behind the counter whom she couldn’t recognize.

As usual, the OP went ahead and placed her order – medium-light roast coffee, black with room. But when the employee was making the coffee, the Reddit user realized she filled her cup halfway with a light roast and then filled the rest up with the dark roast.

When the employee placed the coffee on the counter, the OP asked her why she was served half a cup of dark roast when she likes her coffee in light roast and the employee’s response was not what many would have expected.

The OP demands an explanation

When the OP told the employee she takes her coffee only in light roast, the latter didn’t seem interested in entertaining the customer’s query.

The new girl instead told the OP that there wasn’t much difference between what she asked and what was given and it would take her 6 minutes to put on a new pot. As they had run out of light roast, she chose to go with a different flavor and blamed it on “industry standard” which apparently allowed her to do what she did with the OP’s coffee.

When the OP said she didn’t mind waiting until her coffee was fixed to match her demands, the employee looked at her annoyingly walked to the back, and never came back.

Another friendly employee came out later to apologize to the OP and even gave her the correct order. When the OP went to the coffee house again the next day, the owner half-jokingly half-seriously asked why she was causing problems with his employee.

So the OP was left wondering if she was in the wrong for asking for the correct order.

Users slam the ‘rude’ employee

Not only do Reddit users feel strongly that the OP deserves an explanation from the owner of the coffee shop for the incorrect order, but they also think the employee was too “rude” despite not doing her job right.

“NTA tell the owner what happened and get clarification on it that’s actually the rule,” said one.

Another added: “NTA, dark roast hurts my stomach so I only drink light roast. There’s a big difference.”

A third one said: “NTA and don’t give them your money.”

“Nope, not the AH. I would tell the owner-manager if he feels that way I’ll find a better coffee shop that understands coffee,” read one comment.

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