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Remy Ma and Papoose cheating rumors spread after Geechi Gott rap battle

Cheating rumors surrounding Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship are swirling again after the latest rap battle between Geechi Gotti and Eazy The Block Captain. Fans are now confused whether the couple is still together or heading for a divorce.

Rappers Remy Ma and Papoose have been one of hip hop‘s most loved couples for over a decade now. However, over the past month rumors that the couple have split up have begun spreading. In addition to that a recent rap battle between rappers Geechi Gotti and Eazy The Block Captain hosted by Remy has led to cheating rumors spreading online. The rumors claim Remy Ma has allegedly been cheating on her husband Papoose.

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Remy Ma and Papoose’s cheating rumors

Cheating rumors against Remy Ma are spreading once again after rapper Geechi Gotti’s claims in the recent Chrome 23 rap battle. The rumors reignited after the rapper alleged that Remy had cheated on her husband of over 15 years Papoose with Brooklyn rapper Eazy.

Throughout his segment of the battle, Gotti made wild claims about Remy and Eazy and the former remained silent. At one point he raps, “If you’re gonna cheat, at least cheat with a n***a who can fight. You know this ain’t right. Remy, you’re supporting a victim. We’ve had six [battle rap] events, and Papoose was at all of them, but he ain’t at this one.”

He attacks Remy and Papoose’s relationship further saying, “You foul for real, and I hope all that awkwardness in your home – your child doesn’t feel. How can you protect a n**a who can’t protect you is wild for real.”

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The wild cheating rumors spread further after 25-year-old Eazy did not deny any of Gotti’s wild accusations when it was his turn. His response convinced many fans that the allegations could be true. “You wanna know who I’m f***ing, you want the details, n***a keep this on the DL. If you heard that a n***a socked me over a female, it’s probably because I still got the female” he says.

This isn’t the first time that wild cheating rumors have surfaced about Remy. Media Take Out previously said that Papoose and Eazy had gotten into a fight, a while back. The fight reportedly broke out backstage at a battle rap show after Papoose accused Eazy of getting intimate with Remy.

HITC and GRV Media have reached out to both Remy and Papoose on the cheating and split rumors.

Fans confused if Remy and Papoose are still together

Over the past few months, Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship status has also come into question. Their split rumors have been rife on the internet.

Fans have been noticing how the married couple are absent from each other’s Instagrams for a long time now. Several fans noticed how Remy did not make a Father’s Day post for Papoose this year. Instead, he made a post for himself.

Papoose posted a picture of him and his kids captioning it “Family is Everything” but Remy was absent in the picture. Given the two have not commented on either their split rumors or the cheating rumors, it’s unclear if they are still together.

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