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Wild rumor Crocs are banned from airports is fake – but you do need to be careful

A number of posts are circling social media claiming that Crocs are being banned from airports, but is it true? Read on to find out.

The foam clogs have made a comeback in recent years and Crocs are now one of the world’s post popular fashion accessories.

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Posts claim Crocs are banned at airports

One Twitter post says: “Crocs are now banned at airports, malls & railway stations for getting stuck in escalators.”

“Crocs have been banned from escalators in some airports, train stations and shopping centres after a series of scary incidents,” another tweet adds.

A third says: “Many places like airports, train stations, and malls have now banned them on escalators with posted warnings.”

Are Crocs banned at airports?

No, Crocs are not being banned from airports or other public places such as train stations and shopping centres.

The rumor is completely fake and no airports across the world have announced a ban on wearing the popular shoes.

However, you do need to be very careful when wearing Crocs on escalators as the shoes do pose an injury risk.

A 2006 report from ABC warned that kids wearing Crocs were having their feet sucked into the side of escalators.

Be careful with Crocs on escalators

In 2017, a British boy lost a toe after his foot got caught in an escalator while wearing a pair of Crocs while on holiday in Dubai.

Five-year-old Stanley Wood from Bromley got his shoe caught in the metal and had to get hospital treatment.

Sadly, doctors were not able to save part of his toe, and he also lost his plantar ligament which connects the big toe to the calf. 

A similar thing happened in June 2023 when a six-year-old girl’s Crocs shoes got trapped in an escalator at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

She was shopping with her mother at Primark when the metal ‘grabbed’ the shoe. Thankfully, she managed to pull her foot out just in time.

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