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Google Play Music is already dead; now you must switch to YouTube Music

Google is asking its Play Music users to transfer their account data to YouTube, something that will be possible for a limited time.

October 23, 2020 1 min read

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The music streaming service Google Play Music has stopped working and now asks its users, from its website, to download their libraries and transfer them to the YouTube Music platform.

Google announced the closure of Play Music a few months ago for the month of October. Starting this week, the platform’s website, as well as the mobile application, displays a “Not available” legend.

Image: Google

According to the Android Police site, on the Google Play page there is a tool to export account data, from playlists to history. However, this service will be available only until December of this year.

The internet giant also announced that children under 13 will not be able to access the music library they have stored in the music service on Google Play Music when they switch to YouTube Music.

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