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Hair loss treatment: Applying this oil onto the scalp could increase hair growth

Hair loss is often just a part of getting older. But new studies are constantly being done to help with the search of a wonder oil which could halt this process and aid hair growth. According to research, cedarwood oil may be the answer.

Cedarwood essential oil has been scientifically proven to help promote hair growth when combined with a few other natural oils.

A Scottish study at the Department of Dermatology looked into the effects of oils on people with alopecia or thinning hair.

The double-blind study showed an improvement in hair growth by a staggering 44 percent.

The changes were quite noticeable as the patient’s hair was restored in both length and thickness.

Poor circulation to the scalp is one of the leading causes of hair loss and follicles weakening.

Cedar essential oil increases stimulation to help promote hair growth and overall strengthening of the hair.

The oil is also known to protect the scalp from fungal infections which also decrease hair growth.

Cedar’s oil has pesticide qualities which work as an effective solution to funguses which prevent hair loss.

Source: Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

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