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Hit With Small Metal Pellets, Dog Gets Help, Thanks To Donations From A Chicago Rescue Agency

CHICAGO (CBS) — Pet rescue agencies across Chicago see their share of abuse and neglect.

But one Bucktown business didn’t know how bad it was until it took a look inside one precious pooch. CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the dog’s story and how Chicagoans showed they cared.

Not much is known about the Great Pyrenees’s backstory. She arrived at One Tail At A Time over the weekend from Kentucky.

Her name is Ruth and she loves everyone and loves to cuddle. It’s is the first time Jon Bukiewicz is fostering a dog, one with a temperament described as easy, breezy, Pyrenees-easy.

Heather Owen, the organization’s executive director said when the dog arrived, she was only 57 pounds. She believes Ruth is two years old and should weigh about 75. Adding the rescue’s calm demeanor, does not reflect her treatment up until now.

“(I was) pretty shocked when I met Ruth,” Owen said. “Because I wasn’t expecting a dog in such bad medical shape.”

Little did they know what was inside was just as bad. X-rays revealed small metal pellets scattered throughout the dog’s midsection.

“Could be BBs from a BB gun. Could be birdshot. We think she was shot by something,” Owen lamented.

Those metal pellets remain inside Ruth. The rescuer believes she can remain healthy if they stay that way. But it was the fallout from sharing her story of abuse and neglect online that’s helping her and other dogs.

The hope was to raise $5,000.

“We have tripled that now,” Owen said. “I think total including the initial match was at about $15,000 already.”

One Tail At A Time rescue said with the additional money, it’s hoping to help at least 10 other dogs. Ruth, by the way, got  her name in honor of the United States Supreme Court Justice and feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away days ago.

Source: CBS Chicago | News Colony

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