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How Timeline’s Time Travel Works

How Time Travel Happens In Timeline

Who’s ready for some basic level, Crichton-style science? Timeline takes the huge concept of the 1999 source material and boils it down to big ticket blockbuster tier rationale. That’s not to say it isn’t still intriguing, but when you push the brilliant concepts of an outside of the box thinker into something that scratches the surface, it’s a little sad for fans of the late author’s work.

So how does this version of time travel work? Well, Timeline’s method takes the DNA data of a person, or group of people, breaks it down in one location, and transmits it to another location for reassembly. It’s explained as a “human fax machine,” which is in essence what teleportation as we know it has always been. Putting aside the metaphysical question of whether you’re still you if you’ve been broken down, transmitted, and reassembled somewhere else, that’s the nuts and bolts of what this story does. Oh, and it induces an intense, yet fleeting amount of pain during the transmission process.

Source: CinemaBlend

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