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In the Next Few Days, Pfizer Could Start Mass Vaccination in England

As of December 7, a massive vaccination period could begin in England; the first to receive vaccines will be health care workers.

November 30, 2020 2 min read

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According to the British press, England could start with the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 from December 7. And although that country has ordered significant quantities of vaccines from AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer , it could be that of the latter pharmaceutical company the first to be distributed (if it is approved).

For its part, it is planned that the first doses will be distributed in hospitals and applied to workers of the British Health System (NHS, for its acronym in English), as well as adults over 80 years of age. And although, according to a worker in the sector to the newspaper The Guardian , a week would be given so that all personnel could be vaccinated, the British nation will have to face other challenges.

And it is that, in addition to the fact that the Pfizer vaccine must be kept at less than 70 degrees below zero (which would significantly limit its mobility), it has a useful life of just 5 days, so it is expected that the strategy of distribution.

It is worth mentioning that, while waiting for the approval of said vaccine, England has already agreed with the American biotechnology company Moderna, to increase the number of doses purchased; in other words, the demand went from 5 to 7 million, (likewise, 100 million doses created by AstraZeneca will be purchased). Currently, the British authorities are conducting the relevant tests so that Moderna’s vaccine is authorized and can be distributed.

One of the main advantages of this is that it does not need a temperature as low as Pfizer’s, so the cost of storing and transporting it would be more favorable, especially for countries that are developing.

Source: Entrepreneur News Colony | Business News

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