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Linda Reynolds delays return to work

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has delayed her return to work on advice from her doctors in a move that has ignited fresh speculation about her future in Parliament.

Ms Reynolds says the slur was not in relation to Ms Higgins’ rape allegations but to reports in the media that she felt had been misrepresented.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stood by his embattled Defence Minister, insisting she will return to her post once she’s recovered. (Supplied)

The senator spent three days in hospital from February 24 because of a pre-existing heart problem before being released to fly home to Perth.

It came as she faced intense scrutiny over her knowledge and actions surrounding the alleged rape of her former staffer Brittany Higgins by a former colleague in Ms Reynold’s office in March 2019.

Ms Higgins’ allegations have since triggered three separate reviews.

Brittany Higgins
Linda Reynolds apologised to her former staffer Brittany Higgins for calling her a “lying cow” after she made her rape allegations public. (Supplied)
The medical certificate extending Senator Reynolds’ medical leave of absence was issued before the “lying cow” comment was made public, according to The Sun-Herald.

A source told The Herald that the minister had been given new medication by her cardiologist, who wanted to delay her return to politics to assess the efficacy of the new treatment.

Source: 9News | World News

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