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‘Something Didn’t Smell Quite Right’: Moldy Mess In Country Club Hills Condo Building That No One Wants To Clean Up

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s a moldy mess infesting a vacant south suburban condo, wreaking havoc on the neighbor upstairs.

CBS2 Investigator Megan Hickey got a look at the rotting residence and a neighbor claimed the whole problem could have been avoided.

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Vivian Sanders pipes burst over the weekend. Plumbers told her it’s because of the vacant condo below. She said she’s been making calls about the filthy conditions for years, but nothing was ever done.

Four days with no water. Vivian Sanders has had it.

“No water. That’s it. I have no water in the sink,” Sanders said.

She’s lived in this Country Club Hills condo for 27 years. And it wasn’t until her downstairs neighbor up and left a few years ago that she started having problems.

“I started smelling something that didn’t smell quite right,” Sanders said.

Tonia Pace lives next to moldy unit.

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“This is unbelievable to me, the amount of mold that I am seeing,” Pace said. “That back wall right there, that’s my unit on the other side of that wall.”

Sanders lives above moldy unit. The carpet used to beige. Now it’s covered with what looks like green moss. Cobwebs are frozen to the door. And dark mold coats the walls.

“I’m always telling them the source of the problem is on the first floor, please go in there,” Sanders said. “And they could not go in there, would not go in there.”

A spokesperson for city of Country Clubs Hills said the building department deemed it unfit for occupancy. But the person added they’re waiting on Sander’s homeowners’ association to begin repairs. A spokesperson for the association said they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to contact the owner of the moldy unit, HHS Marketing, LLC.

The association said it is taking every possible step, saying it couldn’t get involved until it impacted one of their condos.

“All of the places that I go to tell me their hands are tied,” Sanders said. “Who needs to untie these hands? Someone needs to answer my questions.”

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Both the city and the association said they had plumbers out to Sander’s property and are trying to fix the pipe issue as quickly as possible.

Source: CBS Chicago | News Colony

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