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How to Delete Channels on WhatsApp

Quick Answer

  • You can delete your WhatsApp Channel from the Channel Info screen.
  • Delete Channel: Click the Channel Name → Tap the Delete Channel button → Confirm it with your WhatsApp number.
  • Delete an Update on WhatsApp Channel: Tap & hold the message → Choose the Delete option → Select Delete for everyone button.

Did you create a new WhatsApp Channel to test the feature? Well, similar to creating a channel, WhatsApp also offers the option to delete the channel. You can delete the channel on WhatsApp from the Channel Info screen.

Apart from deleting the channel, you can also delete a specific update from the channel. As the admin holds total control of the channel, only admins can delete the channel or an update from the channel. Followers won’t have any delete controls in the channel.

In this guide, you will learn how to delete a channel from WhatsApp. We have also included a separate guide for how to delete a specific update from the WhatsApp channel.

How to Delete WhatsApp Channels

As of now, deleting the Channels and updates are available only for the smartphone app. You can’t delete a channel or update from the PC.

Delete WhatsApp Channels

1. Open your WhatsApp Channel on your smartphone.

2. Click the Channel Name on the top.

3. Now, click the Delete Channel button.

4. On the confirmation screen, tap the Delete button.

5. You need to confirm with your WhatsApp number to delete the channel. Enter the WhatsApp number and click the Delete button.

6. If it is verified, you will get the success message stating that “You deleted your channel” in the Updates section.

Things to Know Before Deleting a Channel

  • When you delete a channel, you can’t post any new updates on the channel.
  • Your Channel followers will still be able to see the old updates for up to 30 days.
  • On the top of your channel, your follower will see a message that the channel was deleted.
  • Your channel won’t be visible in the Channels list of Search results.

How to Delete an Update on WhatsApp Channels

Before deleting the update, you can edit the text message within the 30-day period. However, you can’t edit media files once it is shared in the channel.

1. Go to your Channel Updates section.

2. Tap and hold the update that you want to delete.

3. Then, click the Delete option from the pop-up.

4. On the confirmation screen, tap the Delete for everyone button.

5. You will get a success message stating, “You deleted this update.” If it fails, repeat the same steps.

Things to Know Before Deleting an Update

  • All the updates shared in the channel will be deleted automatically after 30 days.
  • All your followers will get the “This update was deleted” message.
  • When you delete an update that contains any media files, it will only be deleted from the Channel. It won’t be deleted from the user’s local files.
  • When you delete an update that was forwarded before, only the original message will be deleted. The forwarded copy won’t be deleted.


1. Is the WhatsApp Channels feature available for everyone?

No, the Channels feature is still in the roll-out phase. It is not available to everyone. Within a week or two, it will be available to everyone.

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