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How to Screen Share on WhatsApp Video Calls

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  • You can share your smartphone screen with others when you are on WhatsApp Video Calls.
  • How to Screen Share: Make a WhatsApp Video Call → Click Screen Sharing → Tap Start Broadcast → Share your screen.

Do you have video calls with your colleagues frequently? If yes, then this article is specially for you. You can share your screen during the WhatsApp Video Call and make a presentation to your colleagues.

When you are on a Video Call with your friends or colleagues on WhatsApp, you can share your smartphone’s screen with others using the Screen Share feature. This is so helpful for users to use Skype and Zoom specifically for video conferencing purposes.

In this guide, you will learn how to share your smartphone screen during WhatsApp Video Calls.

How to Share Screen on WhatsApp Video Call

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Make sure that WhatsApp is updated to its latest version.

2. Make a video call to your friend or a group.

3. Then, tap the Screen Sharing icon on the Video Control menu.

Click the Screen Share icon on WhatsApp

4. Now, you will get a confirmation screen. Click the Start Broadcast button to start the screen sharing on WhatsApp (for iPhone). For Android, click the Start Now button.

Tap the Start Broadcast button

5. After the countdown of three, your phone screen will appear to everyone on the call. Now, minimize WhatsApp and present the PPT or any screen you want.

Share your smartphone screen on WhatsApp Video Call

6. To stop the screen sharing, go to the WhatsApp Video Call screen and click the Stop Sharing button.

Click the Stop Sharing button

Things to Remember When Screen Sharing on WhatsApp

  • The Screen Share feature is available only for smartphones. It is not available on the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp for PCs.
  • When screen sharing on WhatsApp, the audio can’t be shared simultaneously. When you screen share a video file, only the visual content will appear on the call. The audio content won’t be heard on the call.
  • Similar to WhatsApp Chats, Screen Sharing is also protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • Screen Sharing is available only in Video Calls on WhatsApp. You can’t access the feature in Audio Calls.

WhatsApp Screen Share – Drawback

The one major drawback of this Screen Sharing feature is that anyone in the video call can share their screen. The host of the video call doesn’t have any control over the screen share request. When someone in the call shares their screen in between your presentation, the presentation will cut off and a new person’s screen will appear on everyone’s call.

Another drawback is that the feature is not available for PCs. Desktops and laptops are the best tools to share a screen and communicate with others. Let’s hope WhatsApp will fix these issues and improve the screen-sharing feature.


1. When has WhatsApp introduced the Screen Sharing feature?

On August 8th, 2023, Mark Zuckerberg posted in his Facebook profile about the Screen Sharing feature. You can check the post here.

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