Al Roker put his health and wellness first after his recent health scare. The Today host opened up about how his eating habits have changed in recent years and why he isn’t a fan of diets in the first-ever Allrecipes Allstar Summer Bash digital issue.

In the spread, Al, 69, discussed his upcoming October 2024 cookbook, Al Roker’s Recipes to Live By: Easy, Memory-Making Family Dishes for Every Occasion, which he worked on with his eldest daughter, Courtney Roker Laga. When it comes to his eating habits, the meteorologist believes in “everything in moderation.”

“The same with exercise, although I’ve never had the problem of exercising too much,” he told the outlet.

As far as diets go, the weathercaster isn’t too big of a fan of following a super strict meal plan.

“I think if you exclude everything, then you’re eventually setting yourself up to crash and burn,” he said. “You try to eat healthy and realize sometimes you’re not going to, and it’s OK. You did that, now let’s get back on track. But I don’t think there’s anything that’s forbidden.”

Al’s health journey began in 2002 when he underwent gastric bypass surgery, sharing his weight loss journey with the world in the years that followed. Nearly 20 years after the procedure, the TV personality was hospitalized twice for blood clots in his lungs and leg in November 2022. Due to his condition, he was forced to take time off from Today to focus on his recovery.

“It’s been a tough slog. I’m not gonna deny this has been the hardest one yet. You know I’ve had my share of surgery,” he said during a virtual Today appearance in December 2022. “But it gives you a profound sense of gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks. I’m a very fortunate person.”

Al Roker on How His Eating Habits Have Changed Since Health Scare
Courtesy of Emily Hawkes

In January 2023, Al returned to Today, making his costars and fans very emotional with his presence.

“I’m sorry but the tears are already flowing,” Savannah Guthrie told Today viewers at the time. “Al Roker is back. To say we have missed you doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is nothing without you here.”

“The crew is weepy,” Hoda Kotb said. “The crowd outside has been waiting for you. They’ve been bummed every day we’ve walked out there. They’re like, ‘Where is Al?’”

Now, he’s dedicated to exercising regularly and staying on top of his health, which is clear from the videos he shares on Instagram on his daily walks. Al is also sharing some of his favorite recipes and essentials along the way in his new cookbook, including his mom’s nostalgic macaroni salad, the perfect dish to add to your summer table.

“My mother made this slightly sweet but tangy macaroni salad often, especially for family gatherings,” he recalled in a snippet of the new cookbook. ”A picnic essential, it was a staple when the Roker clan took a day trip to Rockaway Beach. I can remember the sun on my back, the sand beneath my feet, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and eating my macaroni salad with lightning speed because my mother was convinced it spoiled within five seconds of being exposed to the sun.”

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