Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese recently sat down for an interview with Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times, and her responses have raised concerns about her mental well-being during her first WNBA season. Reese seemed reluctant to engage in the conversation, as Greenberg noted that she was only providing short, dismissive answers.

In the interview, Reese expressed her distrust of the media: “I know how y’all like to twist my words, so I’m just keeping it short and sweet. I can’t trust any of y’all. So I’m just letting you know – short and sweet.” This sentiment reflects her apprehension towards the media and the potential misrepresentation of her words.

Angel Reese is being pointed out as the new WNBA villain

Greenberg also spoke with Chicago Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon about Reese’s demeanor. Weatherspoon acknowledged the challenges that Reese may be facing: “I think sometimes we fail to realize what the athlete might think…it’s almost like every time she speaks, there’s something wrong with what she says. There’s something wrong with what she does.” Weatherspoon’s comments shed light on the pressure and scrutiny that Reese may be experiencing as a rookie in the WNBA.

Despite the concerns raised by Reese’s interview, Weatherspoon reassured that Reese is doing fine, emphasizing: “She’s fine. She’s going to be fine. I mean, she’s fine.

Chicago Sky coach Weatherspoon stands by Reese

The article has prompted a wave of empathy and support from WNBA fans, with one individual expressing: “This broke my heart, I really hope Angel is okay”. Another fan highlighted the lack of empathy towards Reese, stating: “People don’t realize that the treatment she’s getting is the type of stuff that will drive someone to the edge. And so many people have 0 empathy for her regardless. Praying for her :(“

It’s evident that Reese’s recent behavior has sparked concern among fans and the media alike. Her aversion to engaging with the media may stem from the negative reactions she has received in response to her actions and statements during games.

Reese’s current struggles serve as a reminder of the pressures faced by athletes in the public eye and the importance of supporting their mental well-being as they navigate the demands of their profession.

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