While some Instagrammers were upset with Brittany Mahomes for committing the cardinal sin of placing her white Chanel handbag on the floor, others were distracted by how Patrick Mahomes looked like he was ready to drop some truth about the Good Book to some young sinners. “Mahomes dressed like he’s a hip, mega church pastor,” one person wrote. This checks out. On “The Righteous Gemstones,” which happens to star Patrick’s soundalike Danny McBride, Adam DeVine’s youth pastor character Kelvin Gemstone is fond of tees, tight jeans, and stacked necklaces. Patrick’s black diamond chains even featured a silver cross.

Brittany Mahomes has been criticized for dressing like a high schooler, and now her hubby is taking heat for rocking pants from a bygone era. His faded gray skinny jeans featured zippers on the knees and black patches on the thighs — and they wouldn’t have been out-of-place in Pete Wentz’s closet circa Fallout Boy’s heyday. “I didn’t even think they still made pants like that,” one Instagrammer quipped. “Zippers on the jeans is some nasty work,” another commented. His look reminded one netizen of another singer. “Bro dressed like drake court side in 2016 at a raptors game,” they joked.

There were also a number of people who thought that both Brittany and Patrick could use a serious style intervention, preferably from adults with taste. “Who dresses these 2 their kids,” one person asked. Another critic chimed in to observe, “All that money and got zero drip.”

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