Ever since her college days, Caitlin Clark has been making waves in women’s basketball, and her rookie season with the Indiana Fever has been no exception. Known for her incredible all-around game, it’s her shooting prowess that truly sets her apart. While she may not be the most efficient player, her ability to sink shots from long range is truly impressive.

From step-backs to side-steps well beyond the arc, Clark has shown an almost superhuman ability to drain deep shots. Many doubted whether she could maintain this level of play in the WNBA, but she has certainly silenced the skeptics.

Caitlin Clark gets scored on by little kid after falling for his trickParker Johnson

In fact, Clark’s long-range shooting has been so outstanding that she outperforms some of the NBA’s top shooters in that category. Players like Steph Curry, Luka Doncic, and Klay Thompson are among those she surpasses.

To put it into perspective, Clark is shooting around 35% from 30 feet or beyond, while Curry only managed 26% from that range. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Clark is a better shooter or that she has a deeper range than Curry, it certainly makes a strong case for her. It’s important to consider the size difference with the ball, but that shouldn’t take away from Clark’s remarkable achievement.

Clark leaves NBA snipers in the dust

In the words of basketball enthusiasts, Clark’s performance has been nothing short of extraordinary. “Caitlin’s ability to consistently hit shots from such a long distance is truly remarkable,” says one fan. “It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the impact she’s making on the game and how she’s challenging the status quo.”

Another observer notes, “It’s rare to see a rookie come into the league and immediately make such a significant mark with their shooting. Clark’s range and accuracy are turning heads and setting a new standard for what’s possible in the women’s game.”

Clark’s exceptional shooting ability has not only made her a standout in the WNBA but has also sparked conversations about the evolving landscape of women’s basketball. As she continues to defy expectations and make her mark on the court, there’s no telling how far her shooting prowess will take her.

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