The two eldest nominees in US history are going head-to-head, in a battle to lead the world’s greatest superpower. Given how partisan the media has become, have mainstream outlets intentionally ignored issues surrounding Joe Biden’s age, and possible cognitive decline?

Rachel Leingang – Democracy reporter focused on misinformation, Guardian US
John Nichols – National affairs correspondent, The Nation
Alex Shephard – Staff writer, The New Republic
Prem Thakker – Politics reporter, The Intercept

On our radar:

The intensity of the rhetoric and cross-border attacks between Israel and Lebanese group Hezbollah have raised fears of an all-out war. Producer Tariq Nafi has been following the messaging on both sides.

Hunterbrook: hedge fund or newsroom?

A new style of financial journalism has emerged and it is blurring the lines between reporting and profit-making. Meenakshi Ravi reports on Hunterbrook Media, a New York-based company known for its “investigate and trade” strategy.

William Cohan – Editorial adviser, Hunterbrook
Kate Duguid – Capital markets correspondent, Financial Times
Felix Salmon – Chief financial correspondent, Axios

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Al Jazeera

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