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Film Icon Catherine Deneuve Reveals 5 Things Fans Don’t Know About Her, Including Her Shoe Love

French film legend Catherine Deneuve reveals five things fans don’t know about her, including how she has a silly side, what Hollywood director she’s longing to work with and why her love of shoes borders on an obsession.

I Didn’t Plan on Being an Actress

“I was not particularly attracted to the idea of acting,” says Catherine, 79. “But curiosity made me go for it.” Since her 1957 debut, she’s made more than 60 films and received an Oscar nomination for the period drama Indochine. And, she says, “I still have projects that interest me.”

I Have a Silly Side

“I am a lot less icy, a lot less sophisticated than people think,” says Catherine, who became known as the “Ice Queen” for her reserved, elegant style. “I’m warmer than people who don’t know me might imagine, certainly more juvenile. I don’t really feel I have grown up!”

I Love Gardening

“I get more excited nowadays by being given a new plant than going out for dinner at a chic restaurant,” Catherine admits. “Close contact with nature has always been part of my life. I love my place in the country for weekends with my children, my grandchildren and my friends. No make-up, no glamour.”

I’ve Got a Thing for Shoes

“It’s not an obsession — that’s exaggerated — but oh, I love shoes,” she reveals. “I could wear a black skirt every day, but shoes? I like to change them three times a day.”

I Dream of Working With One Director

“I love Wes Anderson,” she says of the Asteroid City auteur. “I’d to love work with him, but if he wanted to, he’d contact me. The ball is not in my court.” Wes, are you listening?

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