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I rescued adorable kitten and took it home – but I soon realised it was something very dangerous

A WOMAN who took in a stray kitten was left stunned when it grew into a terrifying creature.

The adorable black kitten named Luna was taken into a loving home where she was fed and quickly grew into something much larger.

The tiny kitten had been abandoned by its mum


The tiny kitten had been abandoned by its mumCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera
Luna's mum adopted a rather terrifying creature


Luna’s mum adopted a rather terrifying creatureCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera

Luna’s owner took her in and gave her milk, food and love – and she quickly became friends with the owner’s pet dog, Venza.

But Luna was’t a normal kitten – she was actually a black panther, who was abandoned by her mum in a travelling zoo.

But the woman who adopted Luna said she had experience raising big cats, so decided to take on the challenge even after realising the ball of fur was a ferocious predator.

Luna’s mum explained: “Luna has been with me since the eighth day after her birth.

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“She’s been through a lot of trials and still has some health problems, but in a few years all her health issues should disappear.”

Despite weighing in around 120 pounds and having a ferocious set of teeth, Luna is quite loving and even cuddles up with her owner.

The big cat has been filmed prowling in a meadow and playing in the snow of Siberia, where she lives.

The big eyed feline even takes baths with her dog brother Venza – though she was filmed opening the door to escape the water.

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The unconventional pet has caught the attention of those online, who were shocked by how gentle the panther was.

One commented: “What a beautiful video. The owner and cat must bot have tremendous confidence.”

Another said: “Love and kindness can turn any situation into a family bond!”

Another Russian family went viral after adopting an orphaned grizzly bear who grew into a 300 pound beast.

He was found alone and in bad condition in a forest by hunters, so Svetlana and Yuriy decided to give him a home.

Stepan the grizzly bear who loves to play chess and take selfies with his human friends after being adopted by a Russian family.

The bear is photographed with his owner playing chess, reading a book, on bears of course, and taking a selfie.

Now 30 years old, Stepan lives with the Panteleenkos, who say he gets through 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs every day and comfortable in human company.

Luna was small, but would grow into a large beast


Luna was small, but would grow into a large beastCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera
Stunning Luna grew into a large panther


Stunning Luna grew into a large pantherCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera
But she still seems to think she's a kitten


But she still seems to think she’s a kittenCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera
She loves playing with her dog brother


She loves playing with her dog brotherCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera
The stunning big cat even takes baths with him


The stunning big cat even takes baths with himCredit: YouTube/Luna_the_pantera

Source: Sun

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