A former NCAA track and field champion who believes he is a woman said he planned on returning to the sport to capture subsequent female athletic records.

Cece Telfer won the women’s NCAA national championship for 400m hurdles in 2019 and was part of a flurry of male athletes being identified for their dominance of female sports at the time.

Telfer reportedly transitioned from male to female in 2018 before dominating his sport.

In a new interview with an LGBT-focused outlet, Telfer said that he had plans to return to the track and dominate female athletes once again. He made multiple references throughout the interview to his dreams being “taken” from him through the rejection of male athletes in female comeptitions.

“I look forward to indoor track, because 2024 indoors is going to be epic. My dreams were taken away from me once again. So I plan on going back to New England, hitting up all the indoor competitions, and taking all the names, all the records, and everything.”

“That doesn’t look like first all the time, that doesn’t look like second place, that doesn’t look like podium all the time, but the track meets that count will count,” he added.

‘Off the track, I am a very, very girly girl. I mean, on the track, too. I like to take care of myself and feel very pretty.’

After being denied a shot at the Olympic trials and a ban by the NAIA of transgender athletes, it appeared that Telfer planned to return to the NCAA.

“That’s what’s burning this fire in my heart and in my body. So it’s keeping me going to know that I can go to indoor competitions and still be the girl to talk about, period,” Telfer told Them.

Telfer explained that he is actually a woman several times in the interview; such as when the athlete was plainly asked about his “mental health.”

“Anti-trans rhetoric from past athletes, current athletes, is making it so much harder for women like me to exist in society and even compete in sports,” Telfer said. He then claimed that “everything is slowly being taken away” from him.

When asked what kind of person he is, Telfer said that he considers himself a rather feminine woman.

“I consider myself to be a voice for people who don’t have a voice. Off the track, I am a very, very girly girl,” he claimed. “I mean, on the track, too. I like to take care of myself and feel very pretty.”

The outlet went even farther, however, suggesting that Telfer has faced stereotypes and asking how he deals with the idea that people might see him as an “angry black woman.”

“I might be a little angry, but that’s just how I feel. And we are allowed to be angry. It’s a normal, healthy human emotion. However, I know that because of the color of my skin, I cannot live that normal human emotion,” he theorized.

While claiming that he was “never a boy,” Telfer revealed that he had gone through a “war” with his “mental and physical state.” He also concluded that because he identified as a woman, his mother would never accept him.

“When it was time for me to break out of that shell and be like, ‘No, I have to live for me now,’ I came to the realization that [my mother was] never going to love me for who I am.”

“I was never a boy, never saw myself as a boy, never identified as a boy, never conformed to anything that was masculine boy unless my parents were forcing it upon me,” he added.

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