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Julio Urias disappears even from his closest Dodgers teammates

The mystery around MLB player Julio Urias is continuing as none of his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates actually know where he has gone.

The Mexican player is currently the subject of some very serious allegations of domestic violence. Whilst he is dealing with that situation, the Dodgers have been enjoying themselves on the pitch.

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their eleventh consecutive National League West pennant to strengthen their candidacy to be in the World Series of the 2023 Major League Baseball season.

Urias was removed from the team a few weeks ago when the domestic violence allegations were first made, and it has all been very hush since then.

Reaction to Urias’ allegations

Puerto Rican Kike Hernandez reiterated that he has not received any information other than what the media has transmitted.

“We know absolutely nothing, we know what you know and I’m being as transparent as possible. We know what’s out there and they haven’t told us about it because the team doesn’t know. The team is waiting to hear what happens. Of course it’s been very unfortunate for us, for him, for the victim and I hope we can get some clarity here in the near future,” said Hernandez.

It is expected that the Los Angeles Dodgers will not bring back the Aztec pitcher, who will be a free agent at the end of this Major League season.

When the allegations came out, Dodgers coach Dave Roberts said: “I can’t say too much about it, I just know that we’re all just as disappointed as the Mexican fans are in this whole situation and I don’t have enough information, I haven’t seen any videos, like I said, I’m very sad about this situation and we all have to deal with it,” Roberts said. “I was in shock, in shock and extremely disappointed.”

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