MAFIA bosses took over a city centre hospital and used it as a base to run a crime empire for years, police say.

Mobsters held meetings in wards, used ambulances to distribute drugs, and raided medical supplies to make “murder kits” for hitmen.

Salavtore Esposito as mob boss Genny Savastano in Gamorrah


Salavtore Esposito as mob boss Genny Savastano in GamorrahCredit: �2017 Beta Film

They ran accident insurance scams at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples, Italy, damaging cars to provide evidence of “injury” crashes”.

Gangsters fast-tracked patients, for a price, and controlled its cafe and cleaning service.

The scale of the operation emerged when police issued a 481-page warrant — after a turncoat told them “90 per cent of the hospital was corrupt”.

In a raid, they held 11 members of the Contini clan from Naples’ Camorra mafia.

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They featured in hit TV series Gamorrah, with Salvatore Esposito as mob boss Genny Savastano.

Leader Paolo di Mauro was nicknamed “The Nurse” after flooding the 156-bed facility with cronies.

MP Francesco Emilio Borrelli said: “He never showed up for work, but drew a salary.

“When he died, posters mourning him went up at the hospital.”

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Italian Mafia fugitive on run for 20 YEARS caught after being spotted on Google Maps

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