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Man cries on Antiques Roadshow and woman gasps as dad’s item valued at £250,000

BBC Antiques Roadshow viewers were stunned as an emotional guest broke down in tears after being told how much his item was worth.

The latest installment of the new series, from Pollok Park in Scotland, saw a guest bring in an old war medal which belonged to his father.

But it was far more to it than that – and there were gasps from the audience in the park as expert Mark Smith revealed how much it was really worth.

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Expert Mark Smith said: “This is the ultimate moment because there is only one medal which every medal collector craves to have in their collection.

“Actually just to see one out of a case in a museum is an incredible treat because it is the Victoria Cross, the highest award this country has for bravery.”

The man then told Mark the Cross was awarded to his father, Captain Gian Singh.

He was awarded the Cross in Burma in WW2, in what is now Myanmar.

“My dad never talked to us about the story, no.”

The expert then read the copy of the citation for why it was awarded: “Firing his Tommy gun and hurling his grenades, Gian Singh made two lone charges against the Japanese, astride the Kamye-Myginyan Road in Burma. It was essential that the enemy should be dislodged from this area and when a Punjab platoon assaulting a nearby village came under very heavy fire, Naik Gian Singh ordered his machine gunners to cover him as he rushed the enemy foxholes.

The Victoria Cross is worth £250,000, BBC viewers were told
The Victoria Cross is worth £250,000, BBC viewers were told
(Image: BBC)

“Our tanks had now moved up and come under fire. But Naik Gian Singh, who had sustained several wounds, again rushed forward and annihilated a Japanese anti-tank gun crew, capturing the weapon single-handed.”

The man then added: “I think he used to get emotional whenever he talked about it. Obviously he lost a lot of friends in that battle.”

Asked if he knew how much it might be worth, he said: “Nope. My dad never wanted to be parted with it. No, never.”

“It’s a quarter of a million pounds.”

“Wow. Even if it’s worth two million, ten million, I won’t part with it, no way” and then he wiped away two tears.

A woman then gasped from the crowd: “Oh, what?”

The expert then concluded: “They are some of the most iconic things we have in this country. Meeting you and your dad’s medals today has been a true honour.”

Viewers were stunned by the medal and the valuation as well as the man’s heroic story about his father.

@roastbeefjohnny said: “Never forget [without] the Indian army in world war 2, we would be f****, f**** heroes , god bless you x #AntiquesRoadshow”

@thisismarkslife said: “1/4 of a million quid!! You might not sell it mate but you can bet your arse your kids will!!”

@ladyvmj2014 said: “Ooooh that’s an amazing medal – Mark is about to pass out with excitement”

@calmcolours said; “Very emotional end to the show #antiquesroadshow”

The new series of Antiques Roadshow continues on BBC One next Sunday at 8pm.

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