Noland Arbaugh tragically became a quadriplegic in 2016 — but unlike any other time in history, things might just turn around for him.

That’s because Arbaugh is now one of the first-ever patients to receive one of Elon Musk’s famed Neuralink implants.

“There are what are called attempted movements and imagined movements,” Arbaugh tells Joe Rogan, explaining how the implant works. “At the very beginning, I did a lot of attempted movements.”

“Attempted movement is just what it sounds like. I attempt to move my hand in a certain direction. I attempt to move my fingers, like lift your finger up, down, left, right. I attempt to do something,” he says.

“Then the algorithm will take that and translate it to cursor control. But what I realized maybe a few weeks in was that I could just think ‘cursor go here,’ and it would move. It blew my mind when it happened for the first time,” Arbaugh continues.

The first time he ever moved the cursor with his mind, he recalls being “giddy the entire day.”

“I could not believe what had just happened,” he beams.

“Is there a hope in the future of utilizing this technology to help people regain movement?” Rogan asks, while Arbaugh responds, “Yeah, that’s one of the plans.”

Arbaugh also tells Rogan that they’re testing more uses for Neuralink on pigs.

“They have been moving the pig’s legs on its own. The pigs not paralyzed or anything, but basically they, like, tell the pig, come to this section of, you know, the like grid off the floor. And they put food in a section of the grid, and they’re like, ‘If you’re okay with us testing on you, pig, come over here,’ basically, and the pig will go in there, and then they will take control of the pig’s leg,” he explains.

Video has also circulated of Arbaugh moving a chess piece on a screen with his mind.

“It’s just unimaginable,” Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” comments, thoroughly impressed. “It’s science fiction come to life. It is absolutely incredible.”

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