Patrick Mahomes is often touted as an early contender for the greatest of all time (GOAT) in football. With three Super Bowl rings and a promising career ahead, many believe he could soon top the list of all-time greats. However, there are still those who consider him “overrated.”

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s list of detractors is directly proportional to his success and popularity. Some critics dislike him without reason, while others believe they have valid arguments for their stance.

Among the latter group are those who think there are simply better quarterbacks in his generation. Although the list is not extensive, former college tight end Trent McGaughey believes that Josh Allen or Joe Burrow could be considered superior to Mahomes.

Mahomes landed on a better team than Allen

In a clip lasting just over a minute, one of McGaughey’s guests, who goes by the handle Callme Young, stated, “Man, we overrate Patrick Mahomes. He’s in the perfect situation ever.”

He elaborated, “If you put Josh Allen on the Chiefs in 2017 and he sits behind Alex Smith, you get the exact same player. When Patrick starts out, he has Kelce, Reid, Watkins, Conley. All these guys are your wide receivers, so you can’t know what coverage you’re reading, and they’re gonna make plays regardless!”

He reiterated that there is not a big difference between Mahomes, Allen, and Burrow, arguing, “The situation is the gap, in my opinion.” Although he acknowledged Mahomes’ outstanding talent, he insisted that the situation with the Chiefs was what helped him stand out.

He had time to mature

When asked by McGaughey, the guest highlighted that Mahomes is already in the sixth year of his career, has a greater understanding of the game, a better reading of defenses, and has had enough repetitions to improve his skills.

That might explain why last year, despite the quality of his receiving corps dropping drastically, he was still able to carry the team forward and lead them to the Super Bowl.

However, he insisted that if Mahomes had been in this situation at the beginning of his career, he would not have stood out as he has. “I truthfully think there’s no huge gap between Mahomes, Allen, Burrow… I think the situation is the gap.”

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