There will be broken hearts in Scotland on Monday after the national men’s team were eliminated from Euro 2024 thanks to a late goal from Hungary during a tense match in Stuttgart.

But a lot of Germans will be feeling a little sad too – despite their national team topping the group and previously thrashing Scotland 5-1 in the opening game on June 14th.

That’s because a beautiful love affair has emerged between locals across Germany and the Tartan Army. 

Scotland’s games have taken them to Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart. In total, Germany has seen an estimated 200,000 Scots of all ages in the country for the games. In each city, supporters have made their mark.

On social media, many clips have been shared, from fan marches featuring kilts and bagpipes to tender connections. 

One clip of two kilt-clad Scotland supporters sheltering an elderly person with an umbrella in the Cologne rain while sharing a beer went viral and has been dubbed the most ‘wholesome moment’ of the competition so far. 


There has been a lot of laugh out loud silliness too. Who could forget an avalanche of Scots taking over Marienplatz in Munich in the run up to the first match, and the moment where a German reporter looked under the kilt of one fan (that is never advised!). 

All of this has made the Germans fall a bit in love with the Scots (and vice versa).

A small selection of comments on social media posts capture the feeling:

“In 50 years, every German grandad will be able to tell his grandchildren a crazy story about his Scottish friend and how they met in the summer of 2024.”

“And we absolutely need you back in the EU!”

“I didn’t realise that Germany-Scotland love was what I needed. Please never leave, Scots!”

The Tartan Army takes over Marienplatz in Munich on Friday June 14th ahead of the Germany vs Scotland game.

The Tartan Army takes over Marienplatz in Munich on Friday June 14th ahead of the Germany vs Scotland game. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Stefan Puchner


An article by German news magazine Der Spiegel published on Friday talked of the “Dudel, Jubel, Heiterkeit” (Dudel, cheer and merriment – the German word for bagpipes is Dudelsack) , summing up the blossoming infatuation.

In Cologne, local officials spoke of how much they loved the Tartan Army. “They drink a lot, they have fun, they have a party, they sing a lot, sing together with the Cologne inhabitants, sing together with the Swiss supporters, it was just amazing and perfect,” said Sven Stolz, Euro 2024 Cologne project leader.

The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, said: “Dear Scots, those have been a wonderful couple of days with you. I could not be a happier mayor. You are always welcome to come back to Cologne!”

Meanwhile, a petition has been set up urging for an annual friendly match between Germany and Scotland.

As a Scot and long-time resident of Germany, it has been wonderful to see these scenes in my adopted country. 

Friends and family back home have messaged me throughout the tournament, keeping me up to date on the Scottish media’s reports on the Deutsch-Scottish friendship as well as sending viral social media posts. 


People in Scotland are seeing Germany in a new light, while those on the ground have got to experience the hospitality.

It’s also been great to see fans from other nations embracing Scotland and our partying. It’s made me feel extra proud to be Scottish, especially as a German resident. 

Scotland supporters have been genuinely delighted with their hosts and I’m sure that many of them will be back soon to see more of the country. Our Euro stint may be over but this love affair is just getting started. 

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