Ree Drummond excitedly announced that she is going to be a grandma! The Pioneer Woman star revealed that her eldest daughter, Alex Drummond Scott, is expecting her first child with her husband, Mauricio Scott.

“My first baby is having her first baby,” Ree, 55, wrote in a post on her Pioneer Woman blog on Sunday, June 23. “My child is going to have a child. It’s surreal, and I’m sure all of you grandparents can relate to the feeling of momentarily leaving your body after hearing upon hearing similar news.”

The chef promised her fans that she would tell the story of how Alex, 26, announced the news to the family in another blog post. On her Instagram page, Alex shared photos of her sonogram with her husband. In the pictures, their dog adorably wore a bandana that said “Big Brother.”

“We can’t wait to meet you, little one. 🤍 Baby Scott joining the party this winter! Thank you Lord for this precious gift,” she captioned the post.

“So happy I could cry 🥹 can’t wait to be an auntie!!! I love you guys so much,” Alex’s younger sister, Paige Drummond, commented on the post.

Alex’s brother Bryce also commented flame emojis on the post. In addition to Alex, Paige, 23, and Bryce, 20, Ree and her husband, Ladd Drummond, are also parents to Todd, 18, and foster son Jamar, 20.

Ree Drummond Reveals Daughter Alex Is Pregnant
Courtesy of Alex Drummond Scott/Instagram

Ree revealed that the baby is due around New Year’s Day and marveled at how fast time is going in Alex’s pregnancy.

“I don’t know how this is possible considering I’m only 31 years old,” she joked on her blog. “How can I be a grandmother at 31?”

The Food Network star told her readers that she is “getting back on the rowing machine so I can be a cool, hip, and fit granny,” as well as “getting started back with Pilates so I can be a limber, stretchy, and strong granny.”

Ree gushed that she and her husband are “so happy” to see their family grow but admitted there’s still a lot of unknown.

“We have no idea what being grandparents will look like or how much it will change our lives,” she reflected. “I will probably watch less Bravo, maybe? (Maybe not.) Can grandmothers have long hair? Can grandfathers look sexy in Wranglers? How long before the baby can ride a horse? How many pairs of baby cowboy boots are too many? Do I suggest names or do I keep my dumb ideas to myself? Can grandmothers wear skinny jeans? Can I move in with Alex and Mauricio for the next three years?”

Ree admitted she will “likely continue to have many questions” as she prepares to be a grandparent.

“I will likely buy the baby lots of clothes and probably a play kitchen before it’s born,” the TV personality wrote. “We will figure it out as we go! Right now I’m just savoring the news and savoring each day because I can’t believe how fast time is moving.”

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