Ryan Garcia is currently navigating a turbulent period in his career, exacerbated by a recent PED scandal. Despite the adversity, Garcia remains combative, particularly towards those who have criticized him publicly.

Recently, he directed his ire at former two-division champion Timothy Bradley and ESPN, threatening to sue the network for allowing Bradley to voice harsh criticisms.

Ryan Garcia tries his hardest to not look at voluptuous woman in his houseParker Johnson

Garcia, who was suspended for one year and had his victory over Devin Haney overturned due to testing positive for the banned substance Ostarine, has faced severe penalties that have deeply impacted his career.

However, Bradley believes these measures are insufficient. In an interview, Bradley remarked, “It should have been two years or a life ban. The only way to stop this is you got to nip it in the bud. You got to give life bans for these guys.”

This isn’t Bradley’s first public attack on Garcia. Earlier this year, after failed negotiations for a fight between Garcia and Rolly Romero, Bradley disparaged Garcia, calling him a “clown” and suggesting he belonged in a “zoo”.

In response, Garcia has threatened legal action against ESPN for allowing Bradley to make such comments, accusing the network of a “double standard” in their handling of his case.

Garcia takes to social media

Garcia has taken to social media to express his frustration, particularly with Bradley’s recent comments regarding the New York State Athletic Commission’s (NYSAC) guilty verdict on his PED usage.

Bradley stated, “The real villain and the real loser is Ryan Garcia….I am just keeping it 100. What are we doing? Why are we praising this guy? Why?”

In a heated retort on X (formerly Twitter), Garcia insulted Bradley personally, saying, “He is mad because his hair hasn’t grown back since third grade and his commentary skills are TRASH, CACA BRAIN,” referencing Bradley’s baldness.

Garcia’s legal threat and his vehement social media responses highlight the intense emotions surrounding his current situation.

As he continues to assert his innocence and push back against his detractors, it remains to be seen how this conflict will unfold, both legally and within the boxing community.

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