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Ryanair forces family to pay £165 or miss holiday in Gran Canaria

A family who printed their boarding passes at home and took them to the airport have been charged £165 by Ryanair after the barcodes wouldn’t scan. Damian Lloyd checked in his family a month before the flight and took the passes to the airport reports the BBC.

But when the passes wouldn’t scan he was told his family could wait until customer services could help and get another flight three days later, or pay £165. Ryanair claim the family had ‘unchecked in’ before flying and has refused to refund the money. They have instead referred Mr Lloyd to a dispute resolution service.

Mr Lloyd, a frequent flyer, had booked his family on a 10-day holiday in Gran Canaria. He said he was ‘shocked’ when the boarding passes didn’t scan for himself and his family. And he says a Ryanair employee at the check-in desk was also confused.

Mr Lloyd told the BBC: “He looked on the computer, and our names and seat numbers came up. But for some reason [the boarding passes] weren’t scanning. He didn’t know why.”

Because the flight was an early-morning departure Ryanair customer service was not available to investigate, says Mr Lloyd. The family was told they could miss their flight and wait for customer services to open – or buy new tickets.

The next flight was three-days later, so the family paid £165 to have new boarding passes printed. Mr Lloyd said the Ryanair employer told him he would be able to claim the money back.

But Ryanair rejected the claim and said it was not a fault at their end. They told Mr Lloyd he had not verified his identity – and later changed their mind and said this was incorrect – but then claimed the family had ‘unchecked in’ the day before the flight.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told the BBC: “[The family] unchecked themselves on the website on 22 July and ignored the pop-up that warned them they would have to check in again and generate new boarding passes. As they didn’t have valid boarding passes, they were correctly charged the airport check-in fee.”

Mr Lloyd says he did not return to the website after checking in a month before the flight. He has been referred to dispute resolution service AviationADR.

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